Hi guys,

About four years ago I bought the Nikon Coolpix S10 camera. I was very happy with it until it broke last year. It says "Lens error" and is costly to repair, but part of me is toying with that idea.

A much larger part of me thinks that I should buy a new camera.

I am not a "photographer" but rather I like to take nice pictures when I go away and when at home. This is why I usually buy a high end digitial compact camera but not a DSLR and not a cheap point and shoot.

What I want from a camera:
* good MP
* high optical zoom
* able to take good photos
* able to manually adjust settings so things look their best
* good video
* on the Nikon Coolpix S10, I liked the fact that I could turn the shutter round to face me so I could see the screen while taking a picture or video of myself (I often travel solo)
* SD memory could be a slight advantage as I have loads of SD cards, but not a huge requirement.

So, guys in the know, what would you buy in my shoes? What should I buy?

Please help!