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    Default Which lens next?

    After a brief and futile excursion into railway modelling I have returned to photography and changed the Nikon D70 for the D7000. I still have the kit 18-70 3.5 DX, the 70-300 4.5 ED VR and KenKo auto extension tubes. Given that I like nature, and insects and flowers are far more accessible then birds and mammals, what would you suggest next, the Nikkor 50mm f1.4 GAF-S prime lens to use with the extension tubes or the 60mm f2.8 macro?

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    Hi there, may I suggest and from my own personal experience, that you go for at least a 108mm macro fast prime lens. This will allow you to get good pics without scaring off your subject. I find that many subjects disappear the moment you get too close and so a 108mm should let you stay at a distance that the subject is comfortable with. I only take macro pics on calm still days without any wind because sometimes you are working with slow shutter speeds and any movement gives a blurred pic. Also when the sun is out allows higher shutter speeds. Hope you get much enjoyment from this fascinating form of photography.

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    Good point canismajor. Back to the reviews for the moment!


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