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    Default Nikon or Canon? and Image Stabilisation

    New to DSLRs, but have had in the past Pentax Spotmatic and ME Super.

    Currently using a Fuji FinePix F30, which is very good but retirement looms and I want to take up 'proper' photography again.

    Currently looking at:-

    Nikon D3100
    Canon EOS 1100D
    Canon EOS 600D

    Possibly Nikon D5100 once a few reviews come out.

    I'm about 6 months away from purchase but like to research (and dream!).

    Any comments on the above?

    Main photography will be:-

    Buildings/town scapes
    Aviation (air-shows)
    Motor sport (Le Mans)

    Stock lens (18-55) should do as a start, probably get a 55-250-ish later.

    Next question:

    Is Image Stabilisation worth the extra bearing in mind my main subject interest?

    Quite happy to use a tripod for the buildings etc, and have never had IS before but turned out some decent pics!

    I'll keep the F30 as a pocket point & shoot for holidays, etc.

    Thanks in advance for comments.

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    Both canon and nikon have IS in the lens so the choice would be made when you buy a lens. For the action shots you have to conceder lighting conditions so long fast glass would be required IMHO IS would be of help.

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    That's good advice you will need a fast lens. On the vr/is you're better to have it and not need it, as need it and not have it. It might come in handy for you're town scapes..

    good luck..graham

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    Wink Is/vr

    From my own personal experience I would say go for any form of Image Stabilisation (IS) usually on Sigma lenses of which I have 4. Or Vibration Reduction (VR) found on Nikon lenses of which I have the great 18-200mm. I love taking pics of motor cycle racing as well as cricket and other sports, but what must be also considered is if you use a long telephoto lens, having IS or VR will be essential especially for low light conditions where shutter speeds will be slower than you would like. Personally I would not be without stabilisation. Happy shooting!

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    Thanks for the responses chaps, I might be able to stretch my budget a little and make the choice between Canon 600D or Nikon D5100.

    From handling Canon and Nikon, I have to say I prefer how the Nikon feels, the buttons fall more easily to my fingers/thumbs, and I like the shuuter button position (Canon feels a bit too far forward). Nikon also feels more substantial.

    Probably buying in early NOvemeber when some shares are vested and I can cash them in!

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    Thumbs up Nikon or Canon.

    Hi again. Just thought of an outing in which my friend who is Canon mad, asked me could he try out my Nikon D300 which had the Nikon 18-200mm VR lens attached. So I handed it to him and waited, he was very quiet for a while but finally spoke and said the following-----" Damn it, this camera is just brilliant, it feels right and I love how bright the viewfinder is. My trouble is that I have too much Canon gear to start off again, so l'll have to stick with it, damn!!" I hope this helps you to make an informed choice.


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