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    Default Micro Format or SLR for everyday use

    I had originally posted under 'rugged everyday camera', hopefully this heading will elicit more response.

    Are Micro Formats good enough quality in the pictures they produce to be used instead of SLR for everyday outdoor use (mountain biking, commuting, climbing etc), and I do mean carrying it everday, or do you just need to put up and shut and lug an slr around to get the best shots.

    I want something that is always by my side, as you never know what is around the corner and something that can give results which can actually be printed to a reasonable size and framed, rather than just going in happy snappy family album.

    There must be photographers out there that use cameras for field work i.e. sport, trek, travel what are people using.

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    Smile rugged cameras.

    Hi there. As you realise, there are some great compacts with resolutions of 12mp and above, and many use them for all types of outdoor pics, they even have monitors measuring about 3inches square. It would not be feasible to carry a load of DSLR gear with you on your outdoor activities, so something else will be required. Which one you choose is down to your research and how it will suit your needs, then again one of the forumites can recommend from personal experience which camera will do the job for you, perhaps seeing this they may respond. You may even know of someone who has such a camera so you can pick their brains.
    I guess it's horses for courses as there are so many cameras which will probably suit your requirements. All the best.


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