I am looking for a camera. Initially I want to use it to gather source material for painting, but would also want it to be capable of producing images of a high enough quality to be pieces of art in their own right, or for commercial use (I work as a web/print designer). Initially you may think SLR, I am that way inclined, but also thinking of 4:3 format. The reason being is I want a camera that I can use everyday, I pretty much cycle everywhere, at all times, dawn, dusk, snow, ice, night etc, and I want a camera I can carry around, that is robust and quick enough of the draw to capture the action quickly. Sometimes I cycle round a corner and see something amazing, no point in having a camera that is slow and misses it. I still think SLR, but friends who own them say they are to heavy, but you are never going to get amazing shots if the camera is at home. What do pros use, do they just put up with a bad back and go for the SLR, or does 4:3 have enough merits to be used instead. I could buy an SLR then get fed up with lugging it around which defeats the purpose, or buy a 4;3 to find it does not deliver in performance. I like the look of the Olympus Pen but hear the auto focus is slow. What do sports, expedition photographers use. Thanks in advance