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    Default Camera choose fujifilm 550exr or Sony hx7v


    I'm travelling to Florida a couple of weeks and want to take advantage of the duty free whilst I'm there I'm looking at both the fujifilm 550exr and sony hx7v and can't make my mind up. I've looked at so many reviews of so many different camera over the past month that my head hurst but the main thing for is both picture quality and video quality are both important to me.*

    I don't want to spend a fortune so if anyone has got an opinion on these cameras or if there is something else I should look at I would welcome your opinions.



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    Hi Martin. The F550EXR in my opinion suffers from having no viewfinder. Can be hard to compose your subject in bright light as you look at the rear screen, a bit like trying to watch a TV while the sun is shining on the screen. Many find this a problem and they then start to look at cameras with viewfinders. I feel that the RRP of 329 is too much for it as well. The S1800 does have a viewfinder and a greater focal range, (28-504mm) but has no IS. Fujifilm's latest bridge camera, the S2800 does have it, but has no viewfinder. Same focal range as S1800. It depends on what you are comfy with really. The last 2 cameras are 199 RRP and also have HD movie mode. Kind regards.
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