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    Default Panasonic TZ10 or Sony cybershot HX5?

    Hi, i'm looking for a camera to take with me on holiday (will be using it for a wedding intially and some sport and other photograhpy after). I've been told to get a Panasonic TZ10, but after having a look on the main website i read about the Sony cybershot HX5. any views on either camera? Any suggestions for others would be helpful too. Looking to spend about 200 to 300 or there abouts.

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    I'm in the same situation, but fortunately I'm looking to buy when I go to Florida to save a bit of money. Anyway I've spent which seems a lot of time looking at different reviews and can't decide between the Sony hx7v or the futifilm f550exr.

    Doesn't really answer your question but gives you a couple more options.

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    Yeah, I'm in the same boat. Looking at getting either the TZ10 or HX5V. any thoughts?

    @mattjd - have you made a decision? if so, what and why?


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    I've just spent 5 months travelling with the TZ10 and honestly can't fault it, having said that I've never tried the HX5.

    The colours are always vivid, it gives nice wide angle shots, and the manual controls are easy to play with. My friend had his Sony NEX-3 with him, and on certain shots the TZ10 images looked a lot nicer.

    The one thing that really impressed me with the TZ10 is the HD video recording, both sound and picture are very impressive considering the size of the camera!

    One last thing, I bought the marine case to take it scuba diving, and again, got some fantastic shots!

    Very one sided answer but hope it helps.


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