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    Well I've done it. Got the Canon 550D twin kit with the 18-55 and 55-250. I've been going nuts taking photos at the moment and love it. The quality compared to all the cameras I've used before is outstanding. Im still trying to get my head around all the options and features.
    Im finding getting shutter speed, aperture and iso matched right for the photos im taking which does not have the best light a challenge.
    Im getting a lot of shots with iso 3200. is this good or bad.
    Not enough space before Lee to say this, but ideally in order to obtain very sharp images, we try to shoot at the lowest ISO, but then in low light the shutter speeds will be low and needing a tripod. If you're photographing a moving subject this is a problem. So it's a balance job, look for a combo of shutter speed and ISO that will give you a sharp image, stationary subjects, no problem, but moving, then here's where you will need to juggle it a bit. If you have an external powerful flash then this will allow slower shutter speeds as the flash will 'freeze' the motion. Let us know how you get on, all success, Mike.

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    Thanks for the info. Most of the subjects are moveing (Dogs) This was the main reason for getting a good camera. I have been getting shutter speeds of 100 and iso 1600 but then it somtimes goes way off and gives some stupid slow speed. Im messing with the Tv, P and AV but still learning From the other days shots it looks like the most used was F5, 1/200 and iso 3200 folowed by 2000. I've just looked at a pic done at 3200 and one at 400 and theres a big difference. will have a mess about. thanks

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    Hello all
    I need some advise please with what camera. I've had compact digitals and had an old 35mm years ago but this will be the first full DSLR. I've been looking at the Canon 1100D and the Nikon D3100 and D5000 but really dont know which. Even been looking at the Canon 500 + models. I've seen a deal for the D5000 with a 18-55mm and 55-200mm lens but it seems to be an old camera now.
    My requirments are for an all rounder but must be good in low'ish light as my girlfriend is into dog shows so will be taking pics indoors in low light and a flash cant really be used. I have been looking for deals that have a zoom lens included as to buy the camera with the standared 18-55 lens and add a zoom is going to go over my budget.

    Any sugestions?

    Hi Lee,

    I would stay away from the 1100D and go for the 550D if you can. It is more Expensive than the 1100D but you pay alittle more to get better features.


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