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    Default Rebel XT Shutter Lag


    Am having problems with the Rebel XT and the 70-300 lens.

    Camera setting for Auto Focus is on AI Focus and when I push the shutter--it either won't register contact and work at all--or there is a significant lag of time before working.

    Have tried the old faithful--take out battery--switch Focus Settings--turn off and on--switch to MF on the lens...

    Any other ideas?

    Thanks much,


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    hi DrMarm
    i had a prob with my own cam if its what im thinking it is
    are u getting any kind of message saying connection between camera and lens is not good
    as i tryed to clean both camera and lens connections of any dirt but in the end i found out it was my lens that had broken the blades in side the lens were stuck when stepping down F stops

    hope this is some help



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