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    Default DSLR advice needed

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking to join the ranks of DSLR owners but I need a little help with picking the right camera.

    To start, budget. Of course as a new owner making his way into photography I donít want to go crazy but I donít want to buy anything cheap that I will eventually regret when if I put a little more money into it, would have been a better choice. Iíve been looking at the D90 at £676, over what I would like to spend but Iím willing to reach that number if it turns out the best choice.

    I will be using the camera outdoors as expected but a big consideration into my choice is how it copes in low light, mainly at concerts as I have access to photo passes on demand to a lot of concerts in the Glasgow area.

    The reason I have been looking at the D90 was first based off reviews then quality of concert photos on Flickr but I would like to find out if there is a camera that is as capable of producing similar quality in concert situations but possibly at a lower price.

    The HD video recording is not something I care so much about, nice feature to have but itís not absolutely necessary.

    Iíve noticed one thing with this Nikon over a few others and that was the autofocus motor being in the body rather than the lens, that would be a preference.

    The Nikon D90 with the 18-105mm lens comes in at £676, same body with the 18-55m lens comes in at £600. Would the 18-55m lens be better for someone who is new and looking to learn or would the extra money on the 18-105mm lens be best for long term, more options?

    Or of the course the obvious question, what other DSLR cameras are out there that could offer me the same quality/better at a lower price.

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    Hi ok you have set a budget now what do you take pictures of is the next question. this will help in choosing the right camera.
    What i would do is remember when you buy a DSLR you are buying into a system so look at what lenses are available to you. Ten go and get a short list of cameras and then go and try them.As a rule if it feels right then that may well be the one to go for.

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    Wink DSLR advice.

    When I was looking for a good camera I trawled as many reports and field tests as I could lay my hands on, this I find always works best. This way the decision will be reached based on your research and not on what somebody thinks. Sure as a Nikon D300 owner I could wax lyrical on the benefits of the Nikon system, but that would be only my own opinion. Far better that you spend much time checking out all the models you may shortlist, and then whittle it down to a few, then one or two, and finally just the one. From personal experience on lenses, for concerts it depends on where you will be taking your pics, eg, backstage or from the rows.
    I find my Nikon 18-200mm VR lens does me proud and covers most scenes. Happy trawling.


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