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    Default Canon 550d vs Lumix GH1 (with hack)


    I'm about to buy a dslr and i seem to have narrowed my choices to these 2 cameras, the canon 550d or Lumix GH1 (considering my budget)

    I'm mainly concerned with the quality of the stills even though the video is a great bonus i will definitely make use of, but the stills are a priority.

    i shoot live bands a lot and quite often in dark conditions, a lot of b&w and Portraits also, the camera i buy i will be using professionally and needs to be a strong all rounder and i need to get the best from it i can.

    Any help with making a decision would be so much appreciated! as most of the comparison reviews i find seem to be about the video functions as opposed to the stills.

    Thank you!

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    I have the 550d it is a great camera and good in low light, but that said you will have to invest in some fast glass for it. You would also have to do that with any slur type camera

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