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    Default Compact Digital Camera With Remote

    Hi all,

    I've been doing a bit of looking round the net after a little compact camera to take with me when i'm fishing etc as my Sony DSLR is a bit of a lump to carry around with me while doing this.

    I am wanting one that either comes with or you can buy a wireless remote for so i can do self takes without the hassle of having to set a timer. I would also like it to have 12+ MP and be decent for a night or low light shot just in case it's needed for then.

    Cheers in advance for any suggestions,

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    hi . This one looks better made... graham

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    Thanks for the reply and i had a quick look at the other forum but it's unfortunately not going to help me with what im after as im wanting to be able to hold fish up and get a picture so i could be up to about 5-6 feet away from the camera, The air releases one guy mentioned on there are a possibility but it will be more to carry again.

    I'm sure there must be something out there with a wireless remote as i used to have an old compact Canon Ixus with a wireless remote but this was film and i'd like to be able to check pictures before returning my catch.

    If there are no cameras with a remote does anyone know of a universal remote that a 3rd party company might produce that would work?

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    Default Pentax Optio range

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    Thanks for that Chris. I've been looking for a basic point and shoot with remote for my digiscoping.. graham

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    Thanks for that. Looks perfect for what i'm after, small, lightweight, plenty of pixels and a wireless remote.

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    Default Report back :)

    OK, well, I expect a full review from you and Graham on how well it performs

    Seems an amazing price and if bought from Amazon you get 31 days to try it out.




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    Hi I'm going up the scottish highlands mid april . Will take it up with the scope and new camera and let you know... graham


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