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    Hi. Please let me know how the 17 70 works out... graham

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    I will do - I'll be taking it to Spain for a "test drive" for 6 weeks in May/June.

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    I also have a D300, and find that the Nikon 18-200mm lens VR will cover most subjects, but I also use a Sigma 10-20mm ultra wide angle which is great for weddings etc. Also I use a Sigma 120-400mm IS lens for sport photography and this works just great. For Macro I use a Sigma 70mm f2.8, again a great performer. Hope this is of use, and in case you wonder why I use Sigma so much, it's because they are much cheaper and still do a great job.

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    Thanks CM - early days but so far I'm very happy with the Sigma 17-70

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    Hi there, about the Sigma wide angle, I use the Sigma 10-20mm f3.5 on my D300 and have to say that it is brilliant. I have 3 other lenses by the same name and have always found the images they produce sharp and extremely good. Hope this is of use, all the best.

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    i'm very happy with the D300 and Sigma lens combination so far:

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    Hi lloydaa. Nice to hear from you again. After looking at your photos no need to ask how Spain went, great photos. Why not put some on the site and let us have a wee look . Take care graham
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    Quote Originally Posted by lloydga View Post
    OK - so I managed to get myself a new Sigma 17-70 (non-OS) for $200..... Found my old Nikkor f1.8's 50mm and 80mm which were both AI converted Yay! Thanks again for the advice Graham (hopefully this will help someone else as well).
    Hi Lloyd, I have a D300 and find that the lens I use most of all is my Nikon 18-200mm with two stage VR. Don't forget that the DX sensor in the D300 means that the focal length of any lens is multiplied by 1.5. Now the 18-200mm becomes a 27-300, which will suffice for most occasions. It really is a great lens. I also have a Sigma 10-20mm f3.5, and a Sigma 120-400mm which is great for wildlife and sports. For macro I use my Sigma 70mm f2.8, and this also does a great job. As I've already stated though, my 18-200 covers most requirements. Hope this helps, all the best, Mike.


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