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    Default Nikon D300 Lens upgrade advice

    1st post.....
    Having recently retired and now able to spend more time on my photography habit - I have upgraded my D70 to a D300 (my daughter has inherited the D70). Question is whether to upgrade lenses as well (my daughter hopes so....) to take advantage of the D300 and the newer lens technology. I am using a Nikkor AF 28-70mm f3.5-4.5 as the prime lens (old but very happy with it) and a Nikkor AF-S 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 VR as the telephoto (very happy with this on the D70 as well). I also have a stack of pre-digital era Nikon lenses that don't make it out of the box now....
    Any advice would be gratefully received.

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    .hi lloydga .Nikon now do a 24 70 which as smaller lighter and sharper than the 28 70 might be worth a look. I also have a 70 300 ed and would never part with it.Hope this helps you and your daughter...graham
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    Thanks Graham - I think a lot of the 24-70's price is in the FX capability which I don't need. Have you tried the 35-70 f2.8? I'm particularly interested as to how it compares to the 28-70 f 3.5-4.5 on a D300.

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    HI see what you mean with the price my friend has one [never new he was that rich ]. Sorry dont know anything about the 35-70 but here is a link that you may find useful... it a flickr link to 35- 70 photos...graham

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    Nice link thanks. the other lens that I was considering to replace the old 28-70mm was the 18-55mm VR which adds wider angle, VR and is reasonably priced.

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    PS Forgot to mention - main photographic interests are landscapes, sunsets, wildlife... and possibly dabbling in astrophotography

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    Hi. Sorry not not responding sooner most nikon users have a 18 55 vr including me. For the money they are great lenses. They are small and light and do a good job only complaint is their not very fast but fine in good light.It might not be wide enough for your landscape shots though. You could look at the sigma 17 70 os it's a wee bit wider ,wee bit faster and a wee bit longer zoom.costs a wee bit more

    For landscapes i use a sigma 10 20 and [touch wood] have no complaints to date ...graham

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    Thanks again Graham - the Sigma 17-70 2.8 OS may be the route to go..... Anyone out there using one on a D300 who can opine? Thanks

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    OK - so I managed to get myself a new Sigma 17-70 (non-OS) for $200..... Found my old Nikkor f1.8's 50mm and 80mm which were both AI converted Yay! Thanks again for the advice Graham (hopefully this will help someone else as well).
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    Ooops for "80" read "85"...


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