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    Question Panasonic TZ10 or Samsung WB600

    hello was about to buy a Panasonic TZ10 then spotted the samsung WB600 it seems cheap?

    Any views?

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    You didn't acknowledge my last post which I spent considerable time on



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    Default Panasonic TZ10 or Samsung WB600

    Hello I a really greatful for your time and was about to order the panasonic but just see the samsung and wondered what people thought.

    I dont really understand what to look at in specs, would be greatful for some help.

    Thanks leigh

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    Default Just a quick thanks is all one needs :)

    Nowadays it seems as if I'm writing advice to myself - have we all forgotten how to say please and thank you!

    Rant over

    Okay, well, I'm sure you'd get on fine with the Samsung WB600 - read through this review about it and see what you think

    You're still gonna have to understand pre-focussing as explained in my other reply to you.

    If you buy from Amazon, you get 31 days to return it


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    Default Thank you

    Thank You


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