I have read your articles about printing under your Techniques heading and have one comment to make regarding using third party inks and papers - that is, this article may very well have been written by the printer manufacturers.

I use third party inks all the time, and third party papers; I have tried calibrating my monitor and printer in the past, using manufacturers own inks and papers, and can see little or no difference in the output. My printers usually last about 2-3 years and are relatively cheap in the first place, about 60-70. There is no way I am going to pay 30-40 to replenish the inks in my printer, when the printer itself is only 60-70.

I am quite happy to use third party inks, and third party papers, and only have my printer last for 2-3 years, though my last one lasted 4 years! All the rubbish quoted about chemical engineering etc of the printer manufacturers is just that, just a smokescreen, so that we will not feel too bad about paying their exorbitant prices for consumables.

Are you really saying that people such as Jessops, German manufacturer Sihl, Ilford, etc, do not have the required expertise to produce good papers? Are you really saying that Jet-Tec do not have the required expertise to produce good inks? According to a major advertiser in your sister magazine, Amateur Photographer, Jet-Tec inks were an Ink Test Winner and judged to be "the best ink in this group test", and at half the price or less than their Epson counterparts.

Come on, let's have a meaningful test of inks and papers. Also let's have a campaign by the photographic press to bring down the cost of manufacturers' inks, not just Epson but Canon, HP and Lexmark too.