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    Default what lens for a d90?

    hello, this is my first post on here:-)

    I am moving up from a LX3 camera and looking into getting a digital slr. I am getting marriedin october and am getting one of my freinds to be the photographer for me, ( he is quite experienced)
    My thought is i am going to buy the camera, lenses, flash etc etc and he will use the kit duringthe day. I do have a budget but it is not set in stone.... the choices i have made so far are based on using for the wedding but allso for holidays, landscape, wildlife etc etc.

    Nikon d90 + 18-55mm vr

    Sigma 10-20mm 3.5 ex dc hsm lens

    Nikon 70-300mm f4-5.6g af-s vr if-ed lens

    Would anyone say this choice is a good idea? or are those lenses completly wrong? If anyone can recomend swapping any of them for any othger lens?


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    hi . I would also look at ether a 35mm or a 50mm. They are fast lenses which may come in handy on your big day good luck... graham

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    cool, would you replace one of the ones i said for a 35or 50mm?

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    Hi. I would maybe change the 18_ 55mm for the 50mm . That said a 18 55mm is a good lens to have in your bag...graham

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    Hi with weddings I would look at having 24-70 or 24-105 f2 type lens plus a flash plan on bad weather dont get caught out with it

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    Hi The nikon 24- 70 is a great lens but costs over 1000. At the moment i don't think nikon do a 24 105,you would need to look at 3rd party lenses..

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    hmm that is going to be too expensive realy.... what about the 18-105 vr lens? i can get it with a bundle with the camera body which makes it a good price.... would you say this would be a handy lens to have?

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    Hi Sigma also do a 24- 70 for about 650 .The 18 105 kit will let you go quite wide and give you a decent zoom. You should ask your friend taking to photos, what his preferences are.. graham

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    The Sigma 10-20mm is ideal for large group pics, I use one so speak from experience, but also the 18-105mm will be good for that touch of zoom when taking close ups. Don't forget that in film terms your 10-20 equates to a 15-30mm, and your 18-105 equates to a 36-210mm lens. This should give you a good idea of lens choices.

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    Sorry Buntyhoven, but I dropped a clanger when mentioning lenses and how the digital ones equate to film.
    I said incorrectly that the 18-105mm equates to 36-210 in terms of film by comparison. I should have said that the 18-105mm equates to 27-158mm in film. This is down to the size of the sensor which means that DX sensors have the effect of multiplying the given focal length by 1.5 Please accept my apologies.


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