There are many ways to take good pics of flowers, and here are some that I find produce nice images. Early morning and late evening work best as the sun is low and will produce nice backlights, which I find make really nice images that stand out. Look around your garden for some nice blooms, and then position yourself low down almost at ground level, with the sun directly behind the flower, either the whole plant or just a few petals. Next choose a wide aperture such as f5.6, this will throw the background out of focus and then when your image is viewed there will be nothing there to draw the eye away from the main subject. If it's possible, look for some colour behind your subject, for instance if you're taking shots of say daffodils and there are some red tulips some way behind, then try to include them in the shot, but as they will be out of focus then all that will be seen will be a splash of red with no form which will really compliment your image. I always look for this when taking flowers and try to include a colour which will always compliment the main subject and not clash with it. I will upload some of my flower pics when possible, but as I have no room left in the gallery I don't quite know how this works. Do try out these tips and you will be pleased at what you can achieve with practically any camera.