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    Default Spoilt by SLRs - need point and shoot advice please

    Hi guys, I need advice on point and shoot type cameras please

    I've used an slr for years and currently use a 5D for video and photo work. It's with me about 65% of the time but so often I miss pictures or it's just not appropriate to pull out an slr.

    I'm after a small sidearm to the main camera, ideally something small enough to keep on my belt but honestly I have no idea where to start with point and shoots, the market seems flooded.

    Here's what I need:

    The dream find would be under 150, small enough to be kept in a pouch on my belt all day, an analogue viewfinder, wide lens, fast glass and optical zoom (manual focus would be great too). It's probably too big an ask, I'm really out of touch with non SLRs.

    I don't care about an obscene megapixel count or the latest model, my main priority is useability.

    I looked at the Olympus C8080 (approx 90 on eBay), which pretty much seems to be an SLR without interchangeable lenses and a digital viewfinder, the body may be slightly too large though.

    Cheers guys - All suggestions appreciated!

    TLDR: I need a solid point and shoot camera for less than 150. Don't care for megapixels or new model and I want it on my person all day.

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    Default Fujifilm Finepix F100fd

    Hi, rather than buy second hand, why not buy a refurbished Fuji from Fuji itself. - 12 months warranty - Has larger sensor than most compacts, giving better low light capability - far too cheap, just geddit!



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    I'm tempted but I think I really need something with a viewfinder - I feel too disconnected from the picture otherwise.

    I've been pointed towards the canon A & G series which are looking pretty tasty. Control dials and viewfinder seem like a near definite requirement (aside from the price tag the Fuji X100 looks spot on).

    If there's anything similar, or older models you can suggest I'd really appreciate it.

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    Default So many choices, so little time :)

    I'm tempted but I think I really need something with a viewfinder - I feel too disconnected from the picture otherwise.
    I used to be that way but viewfinders on compacts are just not accurate enough for me. After a while you will be using the LCD to frame accurately.

    However, the G series might be more accurate - not sure with the A's.

    The G's have a bigger sensor than the A's, so if you can find something around 150 great!




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