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    Question Best camera for just over 200

    Hello I am looking to buy a camera with good zoom for taking photos of cricket wild life etc.

    I am looking to spend around 200

    I quite like the look of the panasonic Tz10 or the new Tz18.

    But would like some advice and pointing in the right direction!



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    Default Panasonic Travel Zoom series

    Hi, I shoot with a TZ7 and find it 's just perfick for me

    The TZ10 has HD video recording in AVCHD compressed format and 460,00 pixel LCD and follows on from the TZ8.

    The TZ18 does not have AVCHD but uses Motion JPEG format which means bigger files. It also has 230,000 pixel LCD - you need to read up on both before you decide

    If you have Win 7 then AVCHD files run on a fast computer.

    I can't see all that much difference when played back on a TV between AVCHD & Motion JPEG.

    Anyway, with good light and some post processing, the TZ series produce good images.

    Click on my link at the bottom to see some of my pics taken with compacts.



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    Default TZ

    What have you found the tz like in the dark? fire works etc?

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    Default Low light is possible if you know how!

    Quote Originally Posted by leighhawkins83 View Post
    What have you found the tz like in the dark? fire works etc?
    There is a FireWork mode, so stick it on a tripod and you have 4 seconds.

    If you want more than one or two bursts, choose Starry Night and say 60 seconds, then with a piece of black card, place in front of the lens and remove when required

    For low light shots, I carry a pocket tripod and hold it against/on walls, pillars, lampposts anything really and use the 2 second timer. It's just so easy when you know how



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    Question TZ

    I have studied the specs on the TZ7 10 and 18 and am really confused!

    I will outline all the facts:

    I do not have windows 7.

    I want to take photos of:
    My Children/Family
    Cricket etc (so using zoom)
    Wildlife and nature (some close ups)
    Seigns etc

    What do u think is the best for me? (I wont hold u to it! lol)

    Thanks for your help

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    Default Choices, choices :)

    The TZ7 is point and shoot with no manual control but has scene modes, so you could use Sports if the children are running about or continuous mode. The TZ7 has a 460,000 pixel LCD which means that you can see your image much clearer.

    The TZ10 has all the above plus some manual controls (but on a small sensor, all that means is setting the shutter speed manually and a choice of two F stops). TZ10 has GPS if that's your thing

    Video mode: Both have Motion JPEG which is much easier to edit.

    The TZ18 has a much lower res LCD of just 230,00 pixels so we'll let that one go.

    I would go for the cheapest one you can find TZ7/TZ10

    With regards cricket and other subjects that are moving. You need to pre-focus in the area where the action is happening. Pressing the shutter half way so the camera can focus and work out the light, you then press the shutter all the way down with virtually no delay. Anticipation is the key! Or use continuous shooting mode or continuous focusing mode, that tracks the subject with your shutter pressed half way until you press all the way to take the shot. Also worth exploring the site for other articles

    There are some good Techniques on this site as well

    One more thing that I do set on my TZ is in the colour options 'Vivid', cos I like bright colours

    Hope that helps a bit!


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