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    Default Panasonic TZ8 HELP !!

    Hello knowledgable photo people of cyberworld,

    I am a newbie...there's always one ain't there !!! I have bought a PANASONIC TZ8 after asking what I thought were the right questions to a camerashop salesman, I didn't want to say the shops name incase I get this question barred.....

    This camera takes good enough pics for me, although I will invest in a DLSR when I have a good few hundred pounds spare as I want a camera that see's what I see, but thats in the future, so back to my TZ8 Prediciment :

    Is there a way in which I can speed up the taking of pictures with my camera ? I have learnt to focus by half pressing the button, but I just want to be able to switch my camera on, point and shoot and bang there's a picture,rather than pressing the button and then pressing it again but the camera takes its time to ready itself for picture number which time I am grinding my teeth and I have missed the pictures that should/could have been amazing.

    I am using mainly the iA feature as I take these pictures, so maybe this is the problem.....Also is there a forum where I can pick up tips about using this camera ? Sorry if there is one on this website and I have not looked properly, but I have spent 2 hours trawling through the internet to get this far !

    Many thanks for reading this and hopefully answering .


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    Unfortunately you have hit on the main reason for buying a DSLR.
    I have a Panasonic FZ7 and I also have a Nikon DSLR.
    I like the FZ7 very much but taking quick shots is not it's strong point.
    Apart from leaving it turned on and prefocusing it or having it on manual focus ready set to where you want the focusing point to be,i.e focussed on the gate post where your child is going to run past it in a moment .You will still have a delay though and have to get used to the timing.
    The latest micro four thirds Panasonics are very much faster as I believe Olympus are as well but they are just as expensive as DSLRs.
    I love my little Pana but it is no good for action or low light shots,hence my Nikon.
    Sorry I cant be of more help.


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