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    Default need help with camera insurance worldwide

    Hi all, I have just bought a canon 550d dslr,And i am traveling around australia for 1 year ,I am keen to get my camera and lens insured for my trip .But i cannot for the life in me find a policy which covers the camera for the duration /place of the trip.Can anyone help me with a company that does specalist insurance.

    Thanks in advance

    Lee Grange

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    There you go grangey
    this site might help you out

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    Mine is covered under our house insurance, not sure if it would cover trips of that length but it may be worth checking.

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    Hi folks

    This seemed like the most appropriate thread to post my query in.

    I'm looking for a cheap insurance company to insure my Lumix FZ40 against all risk (theft, loss, etc.) in the UK only. I had a look at the link provided earlier in the thread with different insurers listed, with E&L being the top. However, I had a look at some reviews of this company, and they are awful, even though they offered the cheapest cover.

    I'm a student, so the cheapest possible cover with a reputable company would be ideal.

    Any avice would be great!



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