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    Default Sony/Canon DSLR's - Ease of Use?

    Must admit I am struggling a bit with my Canon and I don't want to cop out by just using it in Auto mode all the time. However having read a couple of books on my specific camera I am finding it no easier to use to be honest and the results have been generally poor. It's not the camera - it's me. I bought it because reviews cited it as an excellent all rounder and it felt better in my hands than others at the time.

    At the point I bought it the, very helpful, guy in the shop was advocating that the Sony Cameras were perhaps best suited to someone making the jump from a compact to their first DSLR - I often wonder whether I should have taken his advice but wonder whether anyone has used both (500D) and any of the contemporary Alpha range and can comment on their relative ease of use.

    I am not bothered about what badge is on the front (I am scathing about old school badge snobbery whether it be cars or cameras) but ideally want something intuitive enough for me to learn at a pace I am comfortable with whilst not being complicated enough to prevet me going back to it.

    I read an article yesterday about the Sony A33 (not typically a DSLR I know but, again, it's the result that counts) and the reviewer concluded something very sensible in that:

    'The Alpha SLT-A33 from Sony makes it easier to take better pictures, which is what most of us want from an interchangeable lens camera at amateur level, anyway.'

    That resonated with me so I'd really appreciate some views before I contemplate a telephoto lens for the Canon I have.

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    To be honest I have never tried a canon. But I do own two Sony alphas being the A200 and A300 and would have to say that once I took the leap into aperture priority and shutter priority I did find it relatively easy to do, personally I mainly use them on aperture priority as I like to control what is in focus. The results they produce when I took over the control were far better than the camera produced in auto modes and more in what I was after when I took the image. From what you say it sound as if the canons are a tad more difficult to master, but rather than binning it are there any camera clubs you could join in the area you live, this way you could learn about your camera (with canons being a very popular brand) and maybe have fun at the same time. I hope this helps.

    Happy snapping Aidy

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    Default Easy peezy lemon squeezy DSLR tutorial :)

    Hi, sorry to hear about you having a few problems understanding your Canon.

    Before you get disillusioned, try this walk through in picture form from Canon

    Although the tutorial is made by Canon, it applies to all makes of camera, so anybody can learn the basic fundamentals in picture format.

    If that helped, then try this tutorial

    If you want the 'Full Monty', then try this and



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