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    Default Debating btw D90 vs D7000. Pls help.

    Please Nikon user. Please help on making this decision for me. I would like to pick up a mid range DSLR and read alot about the D7000 which as a lot of upgrade and features from D90. Is there any difference between the new processor Expeed 1 vs 2? Also, does the new 2016 pixels meter makes a big difference in color?

    I like the new upgraded features like the AF points from 11 to 39. However, the price from D90 vs D7000 is $400 difference which I could use for a better lens.

    Let me know. Thanks in advance for your help and input.

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    Hi, the D90 now in DSLR terms is old whereas the D7000 is new.
    To be honest I doubt if in real terms you will see any difference in the picture quality between the D90 12mp D700016mp.
    Perhaps if you print A3 or crop very tight. I have printed A4 from 6mp very nicely also vey nice A4 portaits from 2mp so I think the pixel race is something of a sales gimmick.
    Not long ago the pundits were saying 10mp was the perfect amount for quality.Too many pixels and C.A / Moire becomes a nuisance apparently.
    I guess you have to decide whether the bells and whistles on the D7000 is worth the extra.
    I have the D5000 and wouldn't dream of upgrading to the D7000.Even though the D7000 video is better. Having said the I'm not at all interested in video capabilities as my wife always carries a proper Video camcorder that does a much better job than any DSLR..
    Have a look at Imaging Resource they have a sample image comparison section where you can compare things like ISO between two diff cameras.
    Good Luck

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    H.i I was looking at the 7000 the new 5100[ not out till april 21st] and the 90. After a lot of deliberating i went for the d90 i know it is an older camera but from what I've seen and read i don't think the image quality will suffer. And the money saved will go towards a new lens. Will use my d5000 as a backup and sell my d60...graham

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    Best thing to do is go in a shop and see which feels best & you will probably go for D90, or is that just me.

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    I would check out the lenses not sure if they both have focus motors

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    The d90 has a built in motor and will take focus both af and afs

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    Exclamation D7000

    It may cost more but the D7000 is worth every penny, its continous shooting speed is great, another thing is the video has been improved in the D7000 , it can produce video for upto 20 minutes and at full HD , the file format for video is now the .mov which has great compression to save on storage sopace on the memory card. In the picture stakes the ISO is improved which will definitely be an advantage and as for the extra pixels it depends on whether you are doing large prints of your images or not . I would definitely say take a deep breath and go for the D7000 it will definitely be worth it: like most things in photography you get what you pay for which with the D7000 that means you get a camera thats at a level above most consumer SLRs , you will have room to grow with the D7000 as your photography improves and you wont be tempted to upgrade any time soon.


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