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    Default Old Pentax lenses

    I have a Pentax Spotmatic camera which I bought in about 1970 and which has given me very good service, mainly, I think, because of the quality of the lens. This is a Super Takumar 1:1.4/50. I also have a Tamron 1:3.8-4 70-210mm zoom lens. Since buying a compact digital camera I seldom use my Pentax. However, now that I am retired, I would like to spend more time on photography and want to up-grade my camera. Would it be possible to use the lenses from my old Pentax with a modern digital camera? They have the old standard Pentax screw fitting. Can anyone advise me?

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    You will see that I asked a similar sort of question without any response. However they are worth hanging on to and this site will tell you everything you want to know about all Pentax related issues

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    Hi Tedlet

    Any 42 mm thread lens can be fitted to any Pentax K mount camera. You need an Adaptall m42 to K Fit adapter.

    Dependant on which Pentax digital SLR you have, you will have varying levels of functionality. My K10D will work with just about anything, as will K20D, K7 & K5. Naturally the adapter approach limits you to manual focus, but you still have focus confirm to help. You may or may not have auto-aperture, but you will be used to a fully manual camera in any event - just treat your digital body as though it were a manual, non automatiuc camera.

    Good luck


    Randal Williams

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    Hi again Tedlet

    further to yesterday, you will find the attached HTML link very useful: -

    Good luck,

    Randal Williams


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