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    Default Canon EOS 350D

    I would be grateful for some assistance from any EOS 350D owner. When in creative mode (TV,AV, M) pressing the shutter button half-way does not give auto focus but produces an asterisk * in the viewfinder. Focus can only be achieved by pressing the AE Lock Button (marked *). Is this normal or does my camera have a fault? I would add that in basic zone modes half pressing the shutter button gives immediate auto focus. I would appreciate any help given.

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    Hi tony

    if its like any other canon it could be the settings for shutter Button/AE Lock button
    that as been changed thats all
    you need to go in to your menu settings and look for custom function settings
    in there you will find one about shutter Button/AE Lock button just set it to 0 and it should work as normal

    hope this helps


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    Default Canon EOS 350D

    Hi Russ,

    Done as you suggested and problem solved. I'm really grateful for your help. One further thing and then I promise to leave you alone. I have a canon speedlite 380EX. Is it safe to use with my
    EOS 350D. I've lately seen an article which said that older film type flashguns may ruin digitals.


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    hi tony
    the info taken off canons
    web site for your model EOS 350D says m8 its Compatible with EX Speedlite flashes
    so as the speedlite 380EX says EX at the end then yes it will work with your 350D Fine

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    Default Canon EOS 350D

    Thanks for that, your help has been really appreciated.



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