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    Default Canon 60D vs T3i vs T2i

    I want to buy a DSLR with a video function. Canon announced 2 new DSLR so wanted to decide between CanonT3i and Canon T2i but both seems to be identical just new one with a swivel screen. I came across this site and has really given a good comparison what are your thoughts?

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    Hi on the face of it they are similar I have a T2i/550d well pleased with it. What would I get now well I would have to look seriously at the price difference of the 60d and T3i/600d. The 60d does have a better body and will probably have 2year cycle, the 600d will be replaced next year 660d( I can only guess that). If i was buying now then I would get 600d, new kid on the block.
    I find the my 550d easy to carry the 60d is heavier not a lot though. In the end go try them and if it feels right it probably is. Good Luck

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    hi andy
    its a tough job when trying to make up your mind which one to buy i know i was the same
    how some people say get canon others say nikon
    the way canon am turning new models out
    they have brought out 5 since i brought my 500D i had planed to buy the 450D best advice is what Wave as said and to what you can afford at the time as well
    i want the 7D as my next body but by the time i get the money together knowing canon there will be a 7D2 out knowing my luck
    good luck with it andy


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