Hi all,

I am hoping for some advice as i am going around in circles.

I am inexperienced in photography, but it is something that i really want to take up. I want to buy some decent kit that will be relatively future proof and will allow me to grow with the camera.

I would like to use the camera for (in order of preference) :-
Indoor shooting (museum exhibits, architecture etc)
Sport (Archery -arrow flight, golf, karate)
Panoramic views
Video clips (preferably HD)
My budget for the camera and a lens (std' kit lens ok for now) is about 650. I would consider 2nd hand kit if there was some warranty or in your experience a model that will last for another 3-5 years.

The models i have considered so far are the Nikon D90, Canon EOS 550d and 60d.

Any guidance would be warmly received.