Does anyone else own this camera or a similar model??

I bought a brand new DSC-HX5V recently and had it replaced due to the fact that the audio it's movies produces makes various whistling and clicking sounds!
These sounds are amplified massively if you cover the microphone holes, which ironically is what a lot of people say to do, with various materials, to obtain better audio quality by reducing wind noise.

Unfortunately the replacement camera shares the same audio problem.

I've posted a couple of videos here if you would be so kind enough to check them and see if it is the same as on your HX5V or similar:

Anyway, I've looked at various other videos online and the problem doesn't seem too apparent on any of them, I can't hear anyone talking about it on the internet. I've already tried all the video settings, different memory cards etc. and nothing seems to change it.

If anyone has this camera or a similar model and can give me their opinion on the audio it'd be great!

Thanks a lot !