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    Default Amateur photographer looking for advice on which compact digital to buy


    I am looking to buy a good quality compact digital camera, with wide angle capability. I was looking at the Panasonic DMC LX5 and Canon Powershot S95, but when I read the reviews it sounded like they were designed for professional photographers because they have lots of manual settings.

    Could any of you experts out there recommend a compact digital camera that a beginner / amateur could buy? I would like it to take fantastic photographs without having to fiddle with lots of settings! I don't mind spending some money (up to 400) to get the ideal camera.

    Many thanks for your help!

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    Hi and welcome

    The Panasonic DMC LX5 and Canon Powershot S95 both have a slightly larger sensor than most point and shoots, so can give some great images if used at lowest ISO (allows more light to reach the sensor (quick description))

    THe LX5 has iA which stands for Intelligent Auto and is able to read the scene in front of it and adjust accordingly. The Canon has Auto which does the same sort of thing.

    So, these compacts can be used for beginners

    The LX5 has a front lens cap which has to be removed but has a wide angle of 24mm (landscapes etc.)

    The S95 lens cap is enclosed and opens when switched on and has a wide angle of 28mm, slightly less than the LX5.

    In the end, it could all come down to whether or not you want a removable front lens cover.

    Try before you buy if you can, to get an idea of how they feel in the hand - you won't go far wrong with either of them



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    Hi Chris,

    Thank you very much for your helpful reply, and for writing it in layman's terms so that I understood what you said!

    Your explanation of the auto settings was exactly what I wanted to know.

    So, from what you said, it sounds like I am on track with my choices, and I will probably go for the S95 because I would definitely lose the lens cap on the LX% ! (again very useful info - the reviews didn't mention about the lens caps).

    You are a star!

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    Hi Chris, I have just ordered the S95 from Amazon. I shall let you know how I get on with it.

    Thanks for your help

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    Default Canon S95

    Well done!

    If you want to read the manual (in PDF format) then download it from the USA site It's down the bottom of the page and you're looking for PowerShot S95 Camera User Guide.

    Click on the PSS95_CUG_EN.pdf file and let it download to display (could take a few minutes), then you can save it to your hard drive.

    Concentrate on the "Getting Started" section first. Then set the dial to (Smart) Auto and away you go.

    If you'd like to learn some of the basics of photography then

    Look forward to your comments on it.



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    I have pretty much the same question, I've been looking at the Sony Cybershot as I'm easily wooed by the prospect of HD video recording I've owned a Pentax Optio in the past and a lasted a long time so I've been looking at them too. To be honest I just wanted to take quick pictures every now and then when I'm out (usually in clubs so needs a good flash). Not really a follower of the digital camera world I have to admit!

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    Default Sony Cybershot DSC WX1

    Hi and welcome

    The very small Sony compacts don't shed much light with the flash, but this one does 3.8 metres.

    See what you think!



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    Hi folks

    Forgive me for starting off with an 'unhappy' theme, but a couple of days ago my camera was stolen. It was a Panasonic Lumix FZ28. I was/still am absolutely gutted, as I love taking pictures of concerts, and it was stolen on the way back from a concert which I had just taken photos of!

    The reason I've posted this in the 'budget' thread. is because I'm a student, so I'm not exactly rolling in it, and was wandering if there is a similar camera which I could invest in, which is within my 'budget' (max 300). To my knowledge, the FZ28 is now a discontinued model, so any advice would be brilliant!



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    Default FZ45 around 250

    Hi, take a look at the Panasonic FZ45

    The FZ28 was followed by FZ38 and now by FZ45

    Buy it for 249.99 here

    Out of interest, a lot of people complain about the low light capabilities of this type of camera due to its small sensor - what is your secret on shooting concerts?


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