I have a question relating to a rather older camera - WB500.

I was playing with it and I seem to either have some issues in adjusting the light in Manual and program modes, or it's impossible to do and I just need someone to say that to me specifically

I was trying to take nice night pics, in black at white, center of the city so lots of lamps and lights around. However, when I try to set it f3.3, iso 1600 and t1/125 (to take snapshots of people moving) it's way to dark, switching to iso 3200 causes lots of grainage and is still quite dark. the only thing that helps is moving t1/125 to t1/30 - it becomes lighted but the grainage is still quite large and the pics are not as stable, so you can see movement. I tried the same thing with Pmode - and true, it is lighter and no grainage since i can easily use iso 800, but then the snapshot is impossible - you can see people, cars everything moving. switching to t1/250 does not really help...

anyone has any advise how to improve light on the M mode, or make it more stable on P mode?

during the day I have no problem with the camera....