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    Question Letter of the Month Prize: Scam or Legit?

    Hi there forumites,

    At the beginning of August, last year, I submitted by email a letter (under one of my online pseudonyms) that appeared in the October issue as the letter of the month, ostensibly winning me a prize.

    Understanding, from previous experiences with other publications, that delivery of prizes can take up to three months I patiently waited for WDC to contact me for my choice of prize and delivery address.
    No contact was made by WDC so, at the end of January, I contacted them asking "What's up?"

    Still no contact from them.

    So, I'd like to get feedback from forumites that have been awarded Letter of the Month (or other) prizes.

    Did you receive your prize?

    How long did it take to receive your prize?

    Did you submit your letter by email or snail-mail?

    I'd also like to open up the discussion to any comments or recommendations.

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    Apologies for this Fred. I edit the letters page myself and I'm not very good at remembering to forward the winning letter writer's details onto the marketing department, so they can get onto the sponsors for the prize to be sent out.
    If you contact me by my personal email I usually respond straight away, but emails sent to the address sometimes get missed among all the spam which that address seems to attract. We'll get this sorted asap.

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    Hi Nigel.

    I got an email from Estelle and have responded to that with my choice of prize and my personal details.
    I'm sure she'll share the information with you.

    I do understand that workplaces in your industry are often chaotic and loosely organized and can lead to oversights of low-priority issues.

    I'm glad to see, though, that this forum is a useful conduit for raising the profile of overlooked issues.

    Perhaps you could also have a word with the competition judges and have them liase with the "WebTechies" at WDC with an eye to promptly posting competition results online as I notice that there appear to be a disproportionate number of queries over past competitions.

    I do understand that this forum is a work-in-progress and don't expect instant results.

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    Sorry I'm a little late in updating this tale but I received the memory card a couple of weeks ago and waited for the free copy of WDC that Estelle mentioned in her email as compensation for the delay. Today I gave up waiting and bought the current issue. Is it common practice in journalistic publishing to not start or finish a job unless someone's screaming at you about schedules and deadlines? It may not sound like it but I do sympathise with you having worked in a "communications organisation" and found that neither word is an appropriate description of the chaos of such ventures. Sort of reminds me of the old gag about the chap who was asked why he was running whilst pushing a bicycle when he could make more headway by pedalling it. "I'm in such a rush that I haven't got time to mount it." was his reply. For goodness sake, communicate and organise. And what the hell is wrong with the formatting in this forum?
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