Hi there forumites,

At the beginning of August, last year, I submitted by email a letter (under one of my online pseudonyms) that appeared in the October issue as the letter of the month, ostensibly winning me a prize.

Understanding, from previous experiences with other publications, that delivery of prizes can take up to three months I patiently waited for WDC to contact me for my choice of prize and delivery address.
No contact was made by WDC so, at the end of January, I contacted them asking "What's up?"

Still no contact from them.

So, I'd like to get feedback from forumites that have been awarded Letter of the Month (or other) prizes.

Did you receive your prize?

How long did it take to receive your prize?

Did you submit your letter by email or snail-mail?

I'd also like to open up the discussion to any comments or recommendations.