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    Default Compact System or DSLR?


    I'm new and really getting into my photography. I went to Silverstone last year for the F1 and took my digital camera, hardly surprising I couldn't really pick any decent images up. So I thought I'd be better investing in something a little better for this year. How ever I can't make my mind up between a Compact System or a DSLR...

    I've been looking into the Sony NEX-5 I really like the look of this, to me it seems to have good specs and it is light weight which will be good for when travelling, do you think this is a good option to go for? Or is a DSLR the better option?

    Thanks, any advice is appreciated!


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    Hi and welcome

    WDC rate it quite highly and it's something I may look into in the future. for the review



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    What impressed us about the NEX 5 is how Sony managed to get such high image quality out of such a small camera. No-one else has managed to make an APS-C sensor sized camera so small.
    But its not the perfect camera for everyone. In particular if sport is your thing it isn't really suitable, and you'd be better off with a proper digital SLR, with a viewfinder and faster burst rate.

    You don't mention a budget, but if you like Sony and you stretch to it the Alpha 33, with its 7fps, would be a good choice. For best results you also need to budget for a telephoto zoom lens as well, as you generally can't get close to the action and with the kit lens it will all look a bit far away.

    Tell us your budget and what you want it for and we'll see what else we can suggest.

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    Hi you mention sport and motor racing. To me this means a DSLR with a long lens. Although it would be nice to have a good burst rate to me your technique would also help get better pics. I would set the camera o servo mode so that the AF system knows it has to track then use the centre focus spot and spot metering this should get you better shots. Good luck

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    Hey, thanks for the reply's!

    I'm guessing I'm probably best going for a SLR.

    Budget is probably around 400-500 for the camera it's self, possibly stretch a bit further, for the lens's I'm not too fussed what I pay as long as it does the job!




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