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    Default DSLR for a beginner - under 500


    I'm hoping to get some recommendations about what might be a good first DSLR . After putting up with a simple point & shoot for years, I can finally afford something decent, and would appreciate any advice/recommendations.

    I am a beginner when it come to manual settings ...etc, but hoping to learn as I go along. I've enjoyed using my brother's Canon G9 over the last couple of years, and would like something compact like that in terms of size and function (I think!). Nothing to big, but which performs well.

    Max budget: 500 - Any recommendations would be very much appreciated!

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    Hi and welcome

    Have you read the article, Best Entry-level DSLRs 2010 on this site?

    If not, it's worth going there first to get an idea of what you can get for your budget

    Happy reading

    When you've made your choice, it's always worth getting down to your local camera store and actually handling them before you buy

    Here's a Canon beginners tutorial that teaches you how to use the Aperture, Shutter speed, Exposure, Program, ISO, Depth of Field etc. (on any DSLR) to get the most out of your photography - enjoy!


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    Thanks very much for that. I'll check out both of those links.
    I'm excited now that I'm finally ready to buy something, but it is quite daunting not really knowing what to aim for. Hopefully those links will help, and if not will be back with even more questions!


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    Pick out a few you think you would like, then read the reviews on here to find out more about them.

    If you can't find a review on here, then just do a search on Google.

    Come back and let us know how you got on.



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    Thanks for the earlier links. I had a look at the entry level DSLRs, and also at the compacts as I think I prefer a more lightweight camera.

    I've just had to me by my brother. He thinks that this new m3/4 feature is something I should consider. Any thoughts on this camera? Or anything similar to it that is worth considering as well?


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    Default Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2

    I've just had this recommended to me by my brother. He thinks that this new m3/4 feature is something I should consider. Any thoughts on this camera? Or anything similar to it that is worth considering as well?
    I do rate Panasonic cameras as I have the TZ7 which is more point and shoot.

    I noticed some dials have been removed and put into a menu on the GF2 (I prefer more dials).

    Well worth reading the review you have on the GF2 and at the same time reading the GF1 review side by side

    Have fun!



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    Hi i think you need to think about what you want to take pictures of then that may help with a short list of cameras. Then look at your budget remember when buy aDSLR you buying into system so look at what lenses are available and there price. Then go and have a look at them you may make your mind up by the way they feel or handle. Good Luck

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    Default Fynwyt

    For a Budget of 500 you should be able to get a good set up.
    Remember though its the lenses that can be expensive depending on what you want to shoot. Good Start up camera would be one of Canon's Low end range 1000d or 450d. Both very good for a starting camera and you could pick up one well within your price range, then worry about which lens you want.
    Look into everything first though and do some research especially about what you want to photograph.

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    If you want a camera that offers DSLR quality but smaller then a compact system camera, which includes micro 4/3rds, would be a good choice, but even here there are lots of options. For the most DSLR-like experience the Samsung NX10 and Panasonic G2 are best, each with different strengths. For a more compact/rangefinder type design the Panasonic GF2 is lovely (as is the GF1) and the Olympus Pen also has its charms.

    You need to decide what type of photos you want to take and what style of camera you like best, to narrow the choice further.


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