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    Default Lost for choice - help!!

    Hi, new member to the forum here looking for some assistance.

    I am about to purchase a compact digital camera for general use on holidays, family occasions, landscapes etc.

    I have managed to narrow down my choices to 5 options, but seem to be stuck now in trying to make an informed choice in what would be the best option.

    My short list is as follows:
    Canon Powershot S95
    Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5
    Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10
    Samsung WB2000
    Samsung EX1

    I'll be taking shots both indoors (ice rinks) and out as well as the need for wide angle for landscapes and a telephoto facility for taking shots of daughter skating. Because of the latter will need manual controls too to rack up the shutter speed when necessary.

    Any advice or personal experience of any of these shortlisted cameras would be gratefully received and appreciated.

    Thanks in anticipation.

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    Well, it looks like you've done your homework

    I rate all five of them!

    I think the best thing to do now is to click on the Equipment & Reviews tab and have a read of what WDC says about them all. As you do so, note down what interests you most.

    I'd also look at some of the new Sony compacts as they now do 'Panoramic sweep' which may interest you.

    In low light and indoors, compacts don't do quite so well but there are ways round this, (wait for the action to stop, panning, using a pillar or post to hold it steady, burst mode and so on.

    I shoot with a compact all the time and at the moment have the Panasonic TZ7 - I have played with the TZ10 as well. The main reason I chose Panasonic was because of its 24mm (equivalent) wide lens as I like shooting landscape - I also shoot a lot using the 2 second timer so rarely have blurred shots.

    Here's an example of burst mode where the TZ7 took 10 shots of my sister-in-law feeding a squirrel - I was 15 feet away and this was the only one that caught the hand and it feeding...

    Hope that helps a bit

    Cheers and happy reading

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    Default Thanks

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for that, I will do as you suggest and have a look at the reviews. My problem was trying to narrow this list down, I had no sooner read a review and thought, "that's it, decision made" then read another review and I'd change my mind again...

    Hopefully there will also be some other contributors who may have used one of these and will also be able to give me their personal experiences.

    Thanks again



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