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    Default Nikon lens compatibility

    Is the D100 fully compatible with the Nikon DX AF-S 55-200 G ED VR lens?
    Will the autofocus work?

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    So the fact that it does not autofocus (when my Sigma 12-14 lens does) probably means the lens has got a fault.

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    Hi , It sounds like your lens is in need of repair... graham

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    It's worse than that, local camera shop agreed that it was probably an electronic fault with the lens, but said it was beyond economic repair! It's 3 years old and thus out of guarantee. Nikon charge nearly 90 per hour +VAT to even look at it so a new Sigma lens with almost the same spec (on special offer at 150) would probably be cheaper. .
    Now if the body had been more modern I might well have bought this, but the D100 is now some 8-9 years old and very much outclassed in many respects by even a small compact. So I passed. I can't afford a new body equivalent to what the D100 was in its heyday and it didn't make economic sense to buy a new lens to go with a down level body.

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    Sorry to hear that. You may pick a second hand sigma cheap i have saw them on gumtree and ebay... good luck and let me know how you get on... graham


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