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    I would like some advice about buying my first DSLR. I currently have a 35mm Pentax with a F4.5 80-320mm lens and a 28-70mm lens. I have read all the reviews of the entry level Pentax, Nikon and Canons + others. I was initially thinking of getting a Pentax kx/kr probably going for the kr because of the better features. However, having read some of the reviews for the Nikon 3100, would I be better starting from scratch with either this or another make. Is the Nikon superior in terms of image quality and low light capabilties? I would want to purchase a zoom lens (55-200mm or 70-300mm) if I bought into a new system. Am I better sticking with Pentax, which would mean I could use my existing lens (although I don't think it works on automatic aperture) with a DSLR, I have tried it in a shop. My budget is 600 at most.

    Hope somebody can advise.


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    Hi first thing not sure about the your existing lenses I think they will fit a new pentax but might need an adapter. Of the cameras you have mentioned the Kr is a fine camera the d3100 does give you a lot of hand holding features. IMHO canon 500d or 550d are better in low light.
    As you already know what ever you decide you are buying into a system. Good Luck

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    Hi Gary,

    If it's not too late, your lenses will work fine with the Kx, KR,K7 or K5. The Nikon lenses (or in deed the Canon lenses) you can afford wil not be as good in image terms as your old Pentax F or FA lenses (but not FAJ).

    Don't change brands - you have a wealth of Pentax glass available on e-Bay at silly prices, including M*, A*, F, FA & FA* . Also the new Perntax SMC DA lenses are good ( if pricey). You can still buy new LTD lenses, both DA Ltd and the old but excellent FA Ltd (31 mm, 43 mm & 77 mm). Having personally tried (but not yet afforded) the new DA* 16 - 50 mm & DA* 50 - 135 mm, I can recommend these too.

    Good luck,


    Randal Williams


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