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    Default Any recommendations

    Hi all,

    My wife will be taking a short photography course at the Open University.

    Can any one recommend a suitable camera in the 200 price range.

    Many thanks


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    Have look at the home page and use the camera finder it may give you some ideas. Good Luck looks an interesting course

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    Worth getting a second hand DSLR for the course as it allows more control.

    I can recommend Mifsuds on 01803 852 400

    and Park Cameras on 01444 237 070

    Ring and explain your budget and what you want a camera for and they will give you good advice.

    When you have bought your camera, goto and it will run through in 'picture' form, the basics of the camera and help her understand Shutter Speed, Aperture, Depth of Field, Exposure and so on. Although the tutorial uses a Canon camera, it applies to all cameras - enjoy!

    Cheers and happy hunting


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    Thanks for the replies.

    I bought a Canon 300D from Mifsuds.

    Thanks again.

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    Well, what can I say.

    The Canon 300D I bought from Mifsuds didn't work.

    I returned the camera as requested but Mifsuds then would only communicate by email. Really shocking service, not what I would expect from a family run firm. Only received a refund after I threatened a chargeback from my Credit Card Company. Not one apology received. Very unprofessional and extremely poor communications.

    I've since gone to Jessops and bought a Canon 500D but received excellent service from a very knowledgeable and helpful assistant.

    Certainly won't be returning to Jessops.


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    "Certainly won't be returning to Jessops."

    That should read Mifsuds!

    Jessops were excellent!

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    Default Mifsud

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Mifsud's

    I've bought many second-hand items from them over the last 15 years and I know of plenty other photographer's who've done the same...

    Glad it turned out all right with Jessop's



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    hi jake
    cant beat jessops i brought my 500D from them back in 2009
    you might pay a little extra but there customer service is spot


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