My fiancee and I are getting married in August and headed out to Sri Lanka and the Maldives for 14 nights. We're planning on doing a lot of sight seeing while in Sri Lanka and a lot of laying around on the beach while in the Maldives.

What I want from the camera is;
- Lightweight and easy to travel with.
- High detailed shots during the day and the night (any night pictures with our current camera don't come out at all).
- The ability to take wide angled/panoramic shots.

I have been looking at the Sony TX5 as it seems like a nice little camera and it can be used under the water, which is a bonus for the Maldives.
I've also been looking at some of the Nikon cameras as I've used a friends Nikon S3000 and found it much more friendly (with the display and USB charger). In particular I've looked at the S8000 and S8100.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? I have looked at some DSLR cameras but the whole changing of lenses puts me off DSLR cameras.

My budget is 500 max and I'd like the camera to of course last longer than just the honeymoon.

Thanks to anyone who can help me out.