In a month or two i'm planning on purchasing my first D-SLR. I think to advance my photography it would be best to go for a D-SLR after previously using a Fujifilm S1500 (hated red) and a Sony Cybershot DSC-730 which is now sadly wearing out and lacking the quality of most other cameras now. I have a budget of about 300 - 450 and i'm hoping for real value for money that will last me around two - three years. Now i'm just wondering does anybody have any specific cameras within that price range? I don't really mind the make, providing its not Fujifilm and I am looking for it to take around 3 frames per second.

I have looked at a few cameras and i've so far drawn up a shortlist of two:

Sony Alpha A290/A390 (Favoured considering my success with Sony before)
Canon EOS 1000D (Looks like it has plenty of scope)

I look forward to your responses!