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    Thumbs down Penta kx or not Pentax kx

    Hi, I'm a newbie to the forum & I have been very indecisive as to what DSLR to buy. I have a Sony DSC H20 point & shoot which I bought last year & am very happy with but now I want to move on & I have looked at Canon, Sony & Nikon but am very attracted to the Pentax kx but am just not sure. Basically I am looking for an all rounder which has movie recording can give me good sports shots & will be ideal for holidays as well. I hope I can get some good advice here as the reviews I have read to date are good bad & indifferent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi the simple answer is yes the kx will do what you want. I always remind people that you are buying into a system with a DSLR so check what s avaialable in that system for you needs. I f you havent done so go and look at it get a feel for it is it comfortable and easy for you to use. Good Luck

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    The K-x is a good choice. Its the cheapest DSLR you can buy with both Live View and HD movie mode, and it has built in stabilisation too. Its also pretty fast at 4.7fps, so good for action.
    The closest rival is the Nikon D3100 which if you get it before the end of Jan and get the cashback is within 50 of the K-x. It's a slicker camera with a much better interface that's ideal for novices, and full 1080p video (instead of 720p on the K-x) but it isn't as fast and doesn't have built-in image stabilisation (though you can buy VR lenses).


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