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    Default Which lens to upgrade to?

    I own a Canon EOS500D with the basic 18-55 kit lens and the budget telefoto 55-250 lens.
    I mainly take steam train photographs, which can be still or at speeds up to 75mph.
    After much research I would like to upgrade my lenses for better quality images, but am still uncertain as to which type of lens I should go for to achieve this. I have dismissed a wide angle lens as an option so it seems to come down to a prime, macro or short telefoto lens. I would like to achieve great depth of field in my shots rather than have blurred backgrounds, with the whole picture in focus. Any advice and particular lens recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I suppose a wide aperture lens would also be useful for low light. I do not want to go as high as the Canon L series lenses, bearing this in mind are my aims realistic?

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    You could maybe look at the Canon 15-85mm IS USM. This is supposed to be a good lens which offers quite a large range of focal lengths. I am looking at eventually getting this lens for my 550D to also replace the standard 18-55.


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