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    Default deciding between 50 cameras, L22 or A495 or a3000 is

    hi all, i am stuck on what camera to buy, i decided it is time for a new camera after years of buying my 1st digital camera

    i am stuck between decisions of the nikon l22 or the canon powershot a495, yesterday i spent ages on google searching for reviews and comparisons, it seemed most people liked the a495 more and it also seems it has some better features such as manual ISO controls, but i may not use them much, but I guess its better to have that feature than to not

    the sample images i looked at were here and it looks like the a495 does a better job than the l22 and even the more expensive a3000 IS which i have in mind too, but have not thought much about, another one i have had in mind but not thought much about too is fujifilm av100

    but at the moment it seems out of all 4 that the a495 would be the best decision, what i am looking for is image quality, and decent video quality too, but as it is mainly photography i like, images are the most important so they have to look the best i guess

    but at the same time the a3000 IS has image stabilization which the a495 does not have, so now this decision is nearly impossible for me to decide, i looked at some images with image stabilization on and off, the image with it on looked better, the photo with it off had slight blur, it was a photo of a remote control, and i also read something that says the max movie length on the a3000 IS is 99 seconds, that sounds strange, is it true? if it is true that is strange as i would have thought it depended on the size of the sd card inside the camera, like i say i need something that can record videos, not 99 second ones though

    there are many pages here which you can look at, hopefully all my photos will give you an idea of the type of photography i like to do

    my budget is around 50, could possibly stretch to just over 60 but that is it

    hope i can get some help, thank you for reading

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    my mistake, i meant the canon a3000is, not the a3100is as that is too expensive for me, the a3000is is 66

    what is the difference by the way? is it just the megapixel?
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    I bought a Canon A480 for my granddaughter last autumn, and a Nikon L22 for myself this spring. When my granddaughter saw the 3" screen on the Nikon, (2.5" on the A480) she just HAD to have it, so I ended up with the A480. Whilst it took good pictures, I preferred the zoom control on the Nikon (around the shutter button). The only thing I didn't like about the Nikon was the inability to set the ISO, as it is fully automatic, but it takes great pictures.


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