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    Default Why does blonde hair appear red?


    I have no photography expertise, so hope someone could help with this question:-

    Whenever I take a photo of my daughter (indoors) her hair appears a a lot more auburn/ red than blonde as it appears to the human eye. It does have a hint of red from the human eye but nowhere near as much as on photo.

    I have a lumix f30 recently purchased( which i'm not blaming)
    I have tried various scene modes ( not a lot of impovement)
    As said it can happen indoors with natural light behind subject or indoors in low light.
    How can I correct this?
    By altering settings on camera ?
    having any natural light behind myself?
    Is it the flash bringing out the red in her hair?

    Any tips, help or articles for info would be much appreciated!

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    Hi. It sounds like you have the wrong white balance set. If you go to your menu and change the white balance it should clear it up

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    hi ive just read this on your model

    White balance can be set to Automatic, Daylight, Cloudy, Shade, Tungsten or a custom preset calculated by taking a reading from a specific subject. There’s no manual control over contrast, sharpness, saturation or noise reduction, but the FX30 does at least offer five colour modes to choose from: Standard, Natural, Vivid, Cool and Warm.
    so best to try taken a custom reading of the white balance
    that should help
    all the best

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