Hi im thinking of Buying a Nikon d5000.My previous camera was a Nikon p30 24x zoom.
Ive tried out the d5000,with a Nikor 50m-200mm but it doesnt seem much difference than the standard Lens, 28m-55m.
Ive been spoiled with the 24x zoom (I know the quality must be much better,as with the p30 my shots are very Grainy)
I was thinking of buying Body Only and only one lens 28-300mm maybe?
Ive looked at the package deals i.e John Lewis (Cant buy Body only here!) and the Jessops Deal,but the lens to me might not satisfy my previous experiances of the 24x zoom.
So im confused! Am I obsessing about the zoom to much? or does anyone think that I can just have One lens ? If so which One?
I would be very gratefull on any advice....as Im ready to buy the Nikon d5000.
I thank you in advance for any replies...Cheers...