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    Hi I'm new to the forums and i really hope you can help me, I work in advertisement and have always had a weakness for photography but never to much time to do it, i've recently wanted to get more serious about it and have put aside around 6000usd to buy some equipment and this is the list that I believe could work for me... I'd be very thankful for any advise or things that i've missed, I've gonne with the Nikon instead of canon more because of personal feel than anything else, but i've considered the 60D and if any of you believe than it's better than the Nikon i'd love to hear why....

    camera and lenses:
    Nikon D7000
    Nikkor 10/24mm
    Nikkor 28/300mm
    Nikkor polarizerII filter
    Nikkor neutral filter
    Nikkor bayonet hood HB-23 for the 10/24
    Nikkor lens hood HB-50 for the 28/300
    Nikon MB-D11 power pack
    Nikon EN-EL15 spare battery
    Nikon SB600 flash
    Lexar sfhc 8gb (4 of them)

    photogenic flash trigger
    Photogenics AKC960BRK kit consists of:
    3 AKC320
    1 eclipse 45 inch white umbrella
    1 AK2436 24"x36" softbox
    1background reflector
    2 air cushioned 8 ft stands
    1 background 3ft air cushioned stand
    1wheeled soft case.

    in addition I thought about a boom soft box
    made with:
    1 AKC320
    1 6ft telescoping boom arm and swivel
    1 36" softbox.

    I hope you can give me a lot of feedback and your input will be greatly appreciated... this goes up to 5800usd (with tax) so if you think of anything i should change or i've forgotten please let me know

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    Hello ville78, Welcome to the forum. This is a very comprehensive list you seem to have thought on everything from lighting to lens hoods, wide angle to zoom. The only things i can think you may have missed and might require,mainly for field work are a 35 mm or 50mm prime lens, and a filter system for nd's and grads ether Lee or Cokin.Good luck on your project... graham
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    Hi and welcome, a very comprehensive list may i ask what you are going to take pictures of

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    Hello again.. I don't see a tripod there. On a lighter side i showed the list to my wife,and she said " If i do a list like that I'd better include a divorce lawyer in it "... graham

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    First of all thanks for your answers there very reassuring.

    I travel a lot on motorcycle so i would be taking a lot of pictures on the road, of well pretty much anything that gets in the way, and while at home I love urban photography bit plan to do some studio work as well mainly fashion....

    On the tripod front i forgot to put it on the list, since it's a gift from a friend, his passing on to me as a welcome gift a Manfrotto 322RC22 (ball head).

    I'm not married yet, but i did get some nagging from my girlfriend, she doesnt get why on earth i have to buy the whole thing, if and i quote her casio exilim, takes awsome pictures no matter how or when....

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    Hello again.. Only thing you might want to consider is a 35 or 55mm prime. Both these lenses are very fast1.8 and are great hand held in low light. look forward to seeing your photos on the site good luck...graham

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    I love your list. I thought that I would reply to you as I have recently bought some of the major items in your list and my feedback might help.

    Nikon D7000: This is a beautiful camera which despite being a DX should be considered at the bottom end of the Pro range rather than the top end of the Consumer group. I have owned mine for 4 weeks and have taken over 1100 shots so far. I was originally going to buy the D300S but, luckily, spotted the newly launched D7000. I have no serious concerns at the moment but suspect that the High ISO and Long Exposure noise reduction may not be quite as good as they could be. This is a minor point unless you have to shoot in those modes a lot. The large LCD screen is a joy to use and makes photo reviewing good enough to make some serious decisions about difficult shots. I really do like the two custom settings, C1 and C2. Under each you can store whatever camera setting you wish - I have C1 for normal (low ISO) settings and C2 for high ISO work. The timed sequence shooting will allow me to do some time elapse photography which I have never attempted before.

    The Lenses: At the same time as buying the camera I bought the 10-24mm, the 28-300mm and the 35mm f1.8 (which Graham mentions above). All these lenses are marvellous. I have taken some rather nice wildlife shots with the long lens which are far superior to my old 70-300mm lens. The 35mm is essential as it is great in lower light levels and is perfect if you are shooting HD movies, particularly indoors.

    I did not buy the SB600 but went instead for the SB700. I have not fully exploited it yet but have no faults or concerns to report. Do include some Ansmann 2850 mAH AAs in your list as well as an Ansmann charger.

    I have ordered a second battery but have now decided not to buy the MB-D11 grip as battery life is so good. I have only just recharged my original battery after 1100 shots and that is despite heavy use of menus and VR and AF lenses.

    I intend to do a separate review of the D7000 and the lenses after I have had more time to spot any faults. Meanwhile I see no reason to remove any of these items from your list.

    I hope that this helps.
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