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    Default Sony mem stick question.


    I have a Sony Cyber Shot DSC-W55. I'm having a problem in that when I delete everything off of the memory stick and it's showing no files in the folder, the next time I use the camera I transfer the new pics to the computer and it keeps transferring the same 60 or so pics from last year that it finds on the stick even though the stick is showing empty.

    Any one have any suggestions about this please as an alternative to replacing the stick ?

    Thanks folks !


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    HelloTim. Try formatting your stick/ camera when it is in the camera

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    Default Sony mem stick question

    Hi Graham

    Thanks. At the moment format is set to OK - should I cancel and then re - set to OK ?



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    Hi If you have no photos on your stick bar the 60 you already have then press reset. It should wipe your stick clean

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    Just had a thought . Check the cameras internal memory

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    Default memstick


    Thanks again, will do both and if that doesn't work I'll replace the stick.

    Appreciate the help !


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    You may have inadvertently put this years photos in last years folder


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