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    Default Samsung NX10 or Nikon D3100?


    first time poster so apologies if it's too basic a question.
    I've decided to invest in a good quality camera for the primary purpose of taking photos of my 2 young children. I expect a lot of the photos will be taken indoors and some outdoors, some portraits and some "action" shots of them running around.

    I've been to a few shops for advice and the same 2 names keep on coming up; Samsung NX10 and Nikon D3100.
    I would be happy with either but before I spend my hard earned I would appreciate some advice.
    I've seen the Samsung at least 100 cheaper which is a consideration as it would give me money to spend on another lens. I know that there is a better range of lenses available for the Nikon but I don't envisage getting a huge collection.
    So, I suppose I'm asking which is the best camera for my needs, and would the extra outlay on the Nikon give me a significant benefit?
    Any advice welcome, I'm completely confused and going around in circles!

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    Hi The NX10 is a mirrorless camera as opposd to the d3100 which is a true DSLR. I would look at some reviews on both cameras go to shop look at them feel them.

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    Hi mark here is a link for the samsung. If you are looking at the d3100 with a 18 55 package i think it is a great camera but a little over priced..graham

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    thanks Graham,

    appreciate the advice... I have read every review I can find online and been to a few shops for a feel, trouble is I'm still
    nome the wiser.

    I think I just need some advice on the Samsung - would it meet my requirements? or would I be better off with the Nikon, which is clearly a better camera?

    particularly considering the Samsung is about 150 cheaper so would be easier on the pocket! or something totally different?!

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    Hello mark.. As this is not strictly a dslr i read some reviews on it. This is only my opinion I think it is a good camera but the nikon is a better one. As for your next point will it meet your requirements. This is a hard one to answer. I think at the moment it should, but our hobby [passion ] grows with every photo you take or see. You might start taking photos of puppy's , and finish up with Asian tigers. Please let me know what photos you intend taking. At the moment i would say if your budget allows get the nikon. On a more practical side they have more lenses more models for upgrading [at a later stage] and are easier to sell when you upgrade... hope this helps graham

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    hi Graham,

    thanks again... I do appreciate the advice (and time!).

    I will initially be taking photos of my 2 young children - 1 is a newborn and the other is 18 months. The idea of getting decent photos of the kids growing up is what prompted me to want to invest in a decent camera. As you say, though, The hobby may well develop into more than that...

    I am confused as to the Samsung would suit my needs, or I need something a bit better really, and the Nikon seems to be the best entry level DSLR.


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