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    Question DSLR newbie - advice please

    I'm new to SLR's and not very aufait with the technical aspects of cameras, but I want one to take good landscape shots, some portrait, and maybe have the facility in time for Macro stuff (when budget allows).

    Looking to spend about 400-500 on the camera.

    Would like a camera which has good instructions so I know what to do with it.

    I have noticed the D3100 by Nikon. This seems to fall in the right bracket.
    A Nikon lens 55-200 AF-S VR for 150, remote control, Sandisk 8GB memory, and 3 filters, and a backpack for an extra 200.

    Just wondered if there is anything else I need to think about please, and / or any thoughts on these items. Thank You.

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    That sounds a good deal. The nikon 3100 has instructions in it's software to keep you right. Only thing about nikon [I have an old d60 and a d5000] is they don't come with editing software... graham
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    Hi following on from that you get editing software for free gimp being one of them.
    Canon cameras do come with software DPP is very good. I know the 550d does have a creative setting that helps but that might be outside your budget.
    That aside I think you need to look at your lens choice and maybe getting 2 say 18-55 and then 55 -250, this will get you wide for landscape plus a bit of reach for the rest
    Remember that you are buying into a system with a DSLR so look at what is available in there range. Also go and hold them see that they are comfortable for you. Once you have one take lots of pictures its the only way to learn. Good Luck

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    Once you get going with your camera you will want a good editing program.There is only so much you can do with a free program, probably why nixon don't bother.There are are 3 that comes to mind paint shop pro 13 costs about 70 photoshop elements 9 60 and photoshop cs5 [ quite expensive ].

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    Default Sony A55

    With Sony offering VAT back, I could get their A55 for about 540. Just wondering about this camera compared to the Nikon 3100D. Has anyone any thoughts on this please ?

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    Default sony

    Hello drew... On the face of it, the sony seems to be the better camera than the 3100...
    It has 4times higher screen resolution
    Built in gps nikon do an add on costing about 120
    10 fps
    better image quality
    Better iso range
    16.2 mp nikon is 14.2
    It should give sharper photos due to light passing through the mirror without movement
    the vat would help also.
    The best thing to do is go and try them out to see what feels more comfortable in your hands for both feel and button position. That said the nikon d3100 is still a great camera. Another thing you could do is I got this tip from Aidys go on flickr type in the 2 cameras and cheak out the photos


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